Much of our work at Wake Forest Chiropractic is considered neuro-musculoskeletal care, or “structural health care.”  However, because of changes in the health care system, coupled with what seems to be a rise in diseases such obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism and auto-immunity among all age groups; we have had to broaden our practice.  We now find ourselves required to play a role filling a gap in management of patient health through the field of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

The changes in health care has margined and restricted the way care is delivered.  There has been pressure to reduce lab tests, advanced imaging, specialist referral, surgical and non-surgical interventions and this is sometimes reflected in the quality of diagnoses and patient management rendered.

We have patients in our office with the impression they are under-diagnosed and/or over-medicated.  They are also confused when told their lab values are “fine”, when they do not feel or look well.  As a result, we have found a need to play a larger role in the diagnostics, management and advocacy process for our patients.  Choosing to invest some time and resources in exploring a Functional Medicine/Clinical Nutrition approach, is likely to make a significant, long term difference in your life and the lives of the people that depend upon you.

If you are interested in doing so, please feel free to visit our website, or contact our office.

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