Thank you for your interest in chiropractic care and our practice. We are Wake Forest Chiropractic, and we’re located in the Wake Forest Business Park at the corner of Capital Boulevard and Route 98 in Wake Forest. We are located right behind McDonald’s.Our patients find this location particularly convenient, because we are among specialties in most all fields.

Here we have specialties in audiology, in orthopedic surgery, in nephrology , in rehabilitation, in counseling, in eye, ear and throat specialties, dentistry, pediatric physical therapy, advanced imaging and radiology, primary care, aesthetics and podiatry. We also have diet center.

Let’s take walk inside the practice now.

Hello, I’m Doctor Shawn Phelan. Welcome to Wake Forest Chiropractic, and I’d like to give you a brief tour of our office. This is the lobby of our office, the reception area. In it we have a children’s room, which has toys to keep the children occupied while parents can be treated. It also has floor to ceiling windows, so that the staff can keep an eye on the children while they are in there. We have a full administrative office, which files your health insurance and tracks all the payment for you. Our staff works together very closely to make sure that your care is the best available, and also that your insurance coverage is properly managed. We have on-site radiology services, and a radiologist that works with us to make sure that your images are interpreted properly, even after the doctor has reviewed them. Not all of our patients undergo X-rays, there is a certain criteria, that is met in order for them to be ordered, but we do have it available if it’s necessary.We also offer physiotherapy, rehab therapy, and nutritional counseling, and a broad spectrum of nutritional supplements all from pharmaceutical grade labs, to include Metagenics , anabolic labs, and nutriwest, as well as Optimox.

I’ve been in practice since 1992, and have practice in both North Carolina and California. We treat many professional and amateur athletes in the office, and have acted as the team chiropractic for the Raleigh All-Stars.