Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) usually presents as wrist and hand pain with burning, weakness, and/or numbness.  At it’s end stage it may require surgery to correct the problem.  However, just because you are experiencing some of these symptoms it does not necessarily mean you have CTS, even if you have been told that you do.

Unfortunately, I have often seen patients that have been diagnosed with CTS, when they actually have nerve entrapment in the forearm, Thoracic Outlet (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or TOS), under the Scalene muscles (Scalenous Anticus Syndrome) in the neck or centrally in the cervical spine due to a disc herniation.

Each of these conditions require a slightly different type of treatment to resolve the symptoms.  In any case, it is important, to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment because the longer the nerve entrapment goes on, the better the chances are of permanent damage.  If you have these symptoms please contact us below or take the virtual office tour on our Home Page.