Allergies and immune system disorders seem to be on the rise. Additionally, the allergies we were accustomed to seeing in past years seem to have changed in presentation. Instead of seeing the itchy, red eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing, we are seeing moderate to severe headaches — particularly at the base of the skull and temples, fatigue and dizziness. This can occur in the absence of the classic allergy symptoms and seems to be driven by inflammation of the mucosa of the nasal and oral pharynx and Eustachian tubes. Additionally, mucosal congestion in the venous system can venous congestion in the sinus complex. Long term, these allergic reactions can over-burden the immune system and cause other illnesses and autoimmune disorders. The allergies can be airborne like pollen, household like mold or dust mites, chemical or food related. If you are suffering from the above symptoms, you should be evaluated and your allergies treated. In our office we will usually begin with evaluation and examination, diet histories and elimination diet analysis and move on to blood tests if necessary to identify elusive food related allergens. Once the allergens are identified and treated, relief can begin very quickly.