Joint pain can occur anywhere in your body and usually includes stiffness or restricted motion and inflammation. As long as there is no fracture, infection or disease process involved: restoring movement and reducing inflammation is the most direct route toward resolution. Think of two hinges. One is shiny and right off the shelf and the other is well used, rusty and creaky. So if you had the rusty, creaky hinge on your garden gate, you would spray it with WD-40 and work the hinge until it moved smoothly. It may not look like it came off the shelf, but it would function as if it did and last a long time.

We are basically biological machines with hinges (joints), that can either function smoothly like shiny hinges or stiff and creaky like the rusty one. Chiropractic adjustments or manipulation of stiff, creaky joints in the body restores the movement and joint health, just as you restored the movement and “health” to the garden gate hinge … thereby getting rid of the inflammation and pain. Whether the pain has been there a day of a year, the application of this oldest form of medicine is just as effective and available to you right now.