Hi everyone. My name is Dr. Evan Wagoner and this will be my first post on the Wake Forest Chiropractic page! Throughout my blogs to come, I will be discussing a wide variety of health related topics, the science and studies, and how it all pertains to you!

If these blogs can help even one individual who was otherwise feeling a bit helpless, I will consider this a success. So lets dive in! Since I am a Chiropractor, it is only fitting that my first blog be about the power of the chiropractic adjustment and what to expect on your first visit.

Upon stepping into our office, you will be greeted by our receptionist Michele, who will be handing your intake forms so we can get a health history and a helicopter view of certain things we may be dealing with. Once forms are complete and you are taken back into the exam room by Lisa, a thorough case history will be taken. Physical examination and orthopedic tests will be performed to get a a proper diagnosis to rule out any contraindications to adjust and potentially establish the need for radiographic images of the spine. These images help us see a clear picture into the health of the spine and cut out the guess work.

Once the problem has been accurately diagnosed, contraindications to care have been ruled out, and a clear path has been presented, it is time to step into the treatment room for your adjustment! We use a series of checks and balances including leg lengths, muscle challenging and spinal palpation to figure out where and how we will be adjusting you.

 If a very gentle adjustment is indicated, or you are not yet ready for a manual adjustment, the activator protocol will be utilized. This is a small tool that delivers a quick and precise impact that sends the body a message to release anti inflammatory properties to the joint and allows the muscle to relax. With the manual adjustment,  we will be contacting different levels of the spine, applying direct pressure and performing a quick thrust that, at times, creates a popping noise that is called a cavitation.

This phenomenon is created from nitrogen gas being released from the joint. There are a number of joints and motion segments throughout the spine ranging from the intervertebral disc, to facet, to the sacroiliac joint.  As chiropractors we are trained to treat these structures.  To do so, we work to restore motion in the joints and clear the inflammation from the intervertebral joints.

To do this, we apply manipulate or “adjust” the joints, which causes a rush of endorphins and enkephalins to the inflamed tissue. These are the bodies natural  pain mediators and anti-inflammatories.  When this is done; the healing begins.

Patients are typically seen at a higher frequency in the beginning of care, which tapers off as their window of improvement extends with each week. After the adjustment, physiotherapy may be applied in the form of traction or interferential current to reduce the inflammation and speed the healing.

This post just scratches the surface of what the adjustment is and what it can do, but I would be happy to have a chance to see you in the office and explain why chiropractic care can offer a truly life-changing experience and start you on a path of proactive healthcare.

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