I hope this note finds all of you well.  As we count on something we take for granted (our immune systems) to see us through the Covid-19 pandemic; we have the opportunity to either support it, or undermine it with the things we do.  Or the “zone” we allow ourselves to dwell within. In the Fear Zone, we secrete stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol.  Although they are a normal part of the fight and flight reflex, over long term they cause blood sugar dysregulation, systemic inflammation and immune system supression.  Couple that with “comfort food” eating: processed, fried, sugary foods etc. and you are presenting yourself in a weakened state to this contagion.

If instead, you move yourself to the “Learning Zone,” where you take this as an opportunity to improve your dietary and exercise habits, as well as practicing “acceptance,” you will support your immune system and become stronger.

Beyond that; there is the “Growth Zone”.  if you seek out ways to help others, feel grateful for the small things again that we had all been rushing past, look for ways to grow and help others grow; you are likely to not only help yourself stay healthy but those around you.

When this passes, what we will remember most will be how we behaved during the darker days of this pandemic.  Because within those darker days we can often find our finest hours and become beacons of light for others.

I would like to thank the company “Perfect Patients” for the use of the above graphic.

Stay Well!

Dr. Phelan

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