We hope you are all well and wanted to let you know we are open and taking care of our patients.  We would also like to update you on the measures we have implemented to protect your health and our staff’s health in response to the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic:

1) The North Carolina Chiropractic Association has asserted that we are necessary health care providers who are serving the purpose of keeping neuro-musculoskeletal patients out of higher risk environments like Urgent Cares, ER’s and helping to lessen the load of primary care offices.

2) We will be taking temperatures and asking a few health questions as initial screening prior to patients seeing Dr. Phelan.

3) We are limiting the number of patients in the office at any given time and have increased the space between treatment tables and waiting areas as per CDC guidelines.

4) We have temporarily closed the children’s play room.

5) We will continue to sanitize the office even more thoroughly than usual, including complete sanitization of treatment surfaces subsequent to each patient encounter. Also, we have eliminated patient use of pens, clipboards and the sign in board.

6) Dr. Phelan will continue to administer chiropractic adjustments (the most important component of your care here) at all patient encounters. However, in order to decrease staff to patient contact, we will eliminate electric muscle stimulation, but will continue to provide spinal traction.

7) We are offering telemedicine services for those who do not wish to come to the office. These services include nutritional and supplement guidance, screening for symptoms that may require flu or other tests, and providing support for emerging conditions. To schedule, please contact the office at 919-562-0302 and ask for a telemedicine appointment.

8) We will be offering curbside service for pick-up of nutraceutical supplements. If you want to place a pickup order, please contact the office at 919-562-0302. If you are unsure of the products you need, please call to schedule a telemedicine appointment so Dr. Phelan is able to prescribe for your specific conditions and concerns.

Thank you for allowing us to continue supporting your health care needs.


Dr. Phelan and Staff

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