What is often diagnosed as a “misalignment” of the pelvis, can actually be an anatomical leg length inequality. Patients with these leg length inequalities often present with one-sided knee, hip or sacroiliac joint pain. They will have been treated by other providers, who have attempted to treat correct the misalignment, but the symptoms return. They return because of the femur, or tibia or both on one side, did not grow to the equal length of the other side. Above is an x-ray of a patient with an anatomically short right leg. It is short by approximately 1 centimeter, or 3/8″. This may not be noticed in the patient’s younger years, but as they age, the symptoms evolve and can eventually lead to degenerative joint disease in the knee or hip (usually on the long side). But in the meantime is may be expressed as chronic pain. In our office, once diagnosed; we can often eliminate the symptoms and prevent the degenerative changes with the prescription of a heel lift or full length shoe build.

If you have chronic knee, hip, low back or sacro-iliac joint pain; please feel free to contact our office for evaluation and managment.

Dr. Shawn Phelan

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